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Focus: casa
Cod: 1145


This small wooded area in the hillside is composed of oaks, ash trees and maples, creating a context of noticeable naturalistic and landscape qualities.
The building is a small house built on a large property, and is destined to be the guesthouse of the main villa. Its scale is based on a pre-existing storehouse, now demolished.
The development and structural works of the land, characterized by gypseous outcropping and high drops, made it possible to recover and valorise a new volume underground with a large glass surface, destined to be the bedroom area.
The idea of this project was the will to create in these woods a small “lantern”, made of environment-friendly materials and sustainable technologies, visible from several angles and always with a different effect and character.
We decided to use wood, trying to create a link with the context of the building. The chosen colours that match the colours of the trees underline this link.
The structures are made of wood, except for the bearing structure of the underground part that is made of reinforced concrete.
We decided to let nature be the ornamental and decorative element for the interior, using simple and basic elements for the finishing.
Photo Credits: Daniele Domenicali